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Below are actual unsolicited comments sent from our customers.

Many gurus trade testimonials like swapping links. They build them into their sales page but many times they're not from their actual customers. So I decided to do something different. I've listed a bunch of my actual replies "unedited" from customers.
(some personal info removed for privacy)

Emails, such as the ones below come in to us every day.  Read them and you'll get a
realistic feel of the type of company we are.


Hey Joe,

Thanks again my Friend, You are a GIANT 10 Ft. Tall
in my Eyes.... May the Good Lord Continue to Bless,
Protect You, Your Staff, and Your Family...

I have already sign up for my Affiliate Link

Glad Martin

Joe, I'm making sales! I'm MAKING MONEY!
someone pinch me, I'm not dreaming.


Hi Joe,
This is Elmer, your business associate for life. Thank you for your valuable time to encourage me to take that next step towards success. I will be a member of your "Dream Team" soon. I have been placing Ads, and I am an affiliate of your advertising service.

You are the "Best" better than the rest. You don't have to say another word I am with you 100%.

May God bless your family and you always, and give you longevity in life, good health and prosperity.

Faithfully Yours,
Elmer Thomas Jr  


Wooooooo! I made over $3,000 so far!
My family said I could never make a dime. They were right...$3,000 is a lot more than a dime.

James Jensen 


Update: 72 optins so far. Can't beat that!
You're the first person that has delivered on anything for me.


You are truly a Genius Joe...Thank you sooo much!!!!

Thank you, Mr. Joseph Iorio!!
Jason B



Thank you,

Joe Iorio for PRESIDENT!...LOL...

Eddie Gillespie


hey guys, i made my first sale on first day of launch. got a whole bunch of people contacting me that are interested. im so excited. thanks again.

update 3 days later....

got 3 more sales and more interest.  keep it coming joe

Dear Joe and Cristy,

As I just received notice about the beginning of my DLS ad campaign. I'm really impressed with the ad copy, and, I've already started seeing some results. I sincerely
appreciate your professionalism and look forward to successful sales results
through this campaign, and beyond. Thank you....

Very best wishes,
George Thorsen


Hi Joe, I've heard about your stardom for years but never had the pleasure of communicating to you before. I've been in the industry for years and signed up with DLS before I even knew you were involved. My forte is Google adwords. I need a capture page. Any chance you can help me get one for a reasonable price.

Don Denhoff


Thanks for the info Joe, your customer service is the best I've seen.

Joe, got my first sale!!!!!!!!!!
This NEVER happened to me before!
I thought the internet was hopeless.

You changed my mind.

Jake "The Rake In Money" Man


Joe, this is an Awesome ad! You do great work, Thanks!
Web Marketing 4 Us


$600 in Profit! I want to keep running the campaign.

Thank you and God bless ...
David McMillian

36 optins Joe. At this rate I should have over 50!
This is all I need you to do for me. Keep doing it and I'll keep closing them.
I'm going with a 1k+ commission opportunity so it's all gravy for me!

I want to keep your advertising to myself. LOL

Thanks Bud


I'm up to 200 profit. Want to order Platinum Package every month and keep adding to my residual profit.


Joe - All I can say is "Holy Crap!" You and your team really take care of details (like most businesses DON'T). Your no-nonsense, hard-hitting ads and lightning-fast turnaround times are very refreshing - I can say without any hesitation you have won me over as a "customer for life!". Sincerely, Dennis Regan

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with my ad - you guys did a fantastic job! I have already gotten a few hits on it...after such a short time...thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Audrey Gaugenmaier


Donations and crossposting is needed. His prognosis without the treatment is 2 yrs!

So I can't thank you enough. *tears*





I've reviewed everything. Thanks again for your commitment to earning a lifelong customer.

Tam Jones

Joe, as you probably know by now I have re-ordered. Had to drop you an email to let you now i made $500 from the campaign. What a feeling :-)



Cornelius Evans


Everything is so top notch! Looks awesome!
Activity already from Day ONE! Thanks!
Mark Apple

Joe how are you, just saw the interchangeable domains...thats awsome, glad to see things are going well and your still going strong...
M Rod

Joe:.....I really appreciate your time and your response to my question and comments.. to show my appreciation, when I get a program or product I feel comfortable with I will try your advertising product, (no promises on response) I appreciate your candor and honest response and for me its invaluable...
So thanks again and may God Bless you in all that you do..

Mike Mc

The campaign is Going great right now do I have a link to send to my team
On Sep 10, 2013 10:29 AM, "Shawn H":


Hi Joe,

Thanks Joseph for letting me know ...
that way I don't have to sit and wonder.
Thanks for being great support which is hard to find online.


Wow, this is absolutely Incredible and Awesome!
Thank you. I am proud to be affiliated with you!
Mark A.


Mr. Iorio,

Thank you so much for letting me join the reseller program for free. I truly appreciate it. Also, don't worry. I will not share the sign up link with anyone.

Again thank you. I look forward to promoting your advertising services.


Dana (Loren)


Thanks a million Joseph for your incredible work. The leads are coming in.

Continued success to you.

Daphne Dobson


The ads look awesome Joseph! Thank you so much.

I see why people like your service.

Ted Harts
Sent On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 11:15 AM,


Thank you Joe! Really appreciate your "generous" help with my situation...

Thanks again!

Erik Johannsen


Great and Thanks Brother For that Encouragement

Stay Blessed and Happy Always



Wow. You Rock. I didn’t expect this. Thank you so much.



Hi Joe, I would really like to become an affiliate of your advertising business. But with the economy like it is I am having some hard times and would like to work out something with you. Can you please give me the package and I can start advertising per your instructions and when I receive my first $100 I will pay you back for my package. I just can't afford it right now and would love to get started on it and start making some money!

Our Reply...

Hi Ken,

Don’t worry about the $100.
Affiliate details (payment info. etc) are located here:
http:(url blocked out for privacy reasons)

Welcome aboard!

Joseph Iorio

Kens' Reply...Thanks Joe, I can't thank you enough.



3 Sales brings me to $900 at the present. Minus my ad cost I'm at $700 profit!
Yee haw!


Hi Joseph!

What a fantastic man you are.
My best wishes from me and Heidi.
She is overwhelmed of your kindness.

Best Wishes
Rolf and Heidi

Dear Joe,

You are doing great Job. This night I got 9 person Enrollee
peoples send their name and email to Stiforp Office. Then Stiforp email me name
& email of the person that already Enrollee.

I Thank you very much Joe. I appreciated your business.
See you on the TOP.

Best Regards,


I love the way you handle your business

Have a great weekend
Clifford Illis


Hi Joe, I SOOOO appreciate all that you do to try and get me a sale!

You're awesome!!! Thank you,
thank you, thank you!!!!

Brad Olson



Thank You
I am at a loss for words, nobody has ever done this for me again Thank You!!

Kenneth Dunlap


Hi Joseph,

Again, your a class act! Thank you for the quick payment and the additional advertising!

Scott Murphy



looks absolutetly awesome!!!!! thanks
Ken Hoopis



Hi Joesph,

Please run the SAME ad again. I profited over $300 on this last run. Don't change anything, I want to keep going..and going and going...LOL!

T. Johnson


Hi Cristy,
This looks fantastic and we thank you very much for all your great efforts.
We so look forward to making some money with it and working with you all.
Thank you,
Jean Madison 


Hi Joe

Amazing job u did ...very nice..Thanks

Yours faithfully / Med venlig hilsen


Joe - Got it! I am so excited about this campaign! From what I am learning so far you operate a very professional service and I can't imagine why everyone doing cyber biz isn't using CAC. When you get a chance please send me details on hooking up with you on PPC promotions.

To our success

Larry Black



Hi Joe and Cristy,

I just got in to view my Ad Copy and I gotta tell ya that it looks absolutely FANTASTIC!

Ya'll did a remarkable job and definitely had the creative juices flowing. It made me want to sign up in my program all over again! :-) Just wanted to take a minute to send my enthusiastic gratitude to everyone involved. Thanks so much. .....B.



Thank you...big big hug =0)


Zirsina Zirsina


You Rock Joe tku



Joseph, You guys did a GREAT job!!!

Pete K.



Joe, I just want to thank you again. Wow you really are a great guy. I reread your email and it's very nice of you to do that. You didn't have to do that. No matter what happens with the blast, I will definitely refer you in the future and will certainly do business with you for any blasting campaigns that I have in mind. I hope this works so I can send out another blast with you. Thanks again....Charles




I love it! The copy looks great.

Sent from my HTC Tilt™ 2, a Windows® phone from AT&T

Joe, What great looking ads, I personally like the first one with the various business tags displayed. I'm getting orders so I will keep advertising with you. Thanks again,



7 joined so far. this is great!!!


hey joe, guess what? I made FOUR sales!

I never made a sale before!!!!

I know, lots of !!!! yeah i'm soooo excited!!!!! 


Hi Joseph,

Thanks a lot guys you are the best!

Best Regards,
Jean Paul Coicou


Joe, I wasn't looking for that, although I certainly appreciate it, I just wanted your feedback

thanks so much,


Mr Iorio, I am completely blown away, with this campaign, sooo very impressive. I will be up most of the nite excitedly reading it. So pretty and professionally done. I will be purchasing two more websites in a few days. Thanks for all your hard work you & your staff put into it. To our future sucess!

Willie Mae Simpson

No flippin way...now that's damn nice Joe....Thanks A lot...I am speechless.

Carl Ramallo
PS. Dave E. just placed an order.

Sent from my Samsung Intercept

Joseph.... the ad you made is GENIUS....... just FANTASTIC...
I sent it to the founder of the program... and to my sponsor, with
my affiliate site........ they LOVED it too.. and were super impressed..

SO, THANKS.... I have a sort of hit counter in my back office.. which I am told counts up every time someone hits my site.. so, should be interesting..

Allan R.

Joe, Your plan is on the money! Ultimate Ads every 4-6 weeks. High End commissions. For the first time in my life I'm making moolah from home.



You have a FANTASTIC system.. thanks so much.. will be passing it on to others...my affiliate link...... wow!

Best regards.... Alan R. and thanks for such a complete reply...

From: Traci M. Smith, withanimarketing@gmail.com. Message: I just received my first payment via Payza for the amount of $30.15 and I have only been signed up for 4 days! You guys ROCK!

Joe, you are the best. I enjoy working with people that understand customer service. I will be working with you for a long time to come. The ad looks spectacular !

Ron Baca

Hi, Joe!

That's a marvelous job you showed me. When I get money coming in, I pay this every month like this?

It is worth it with your great program.

Many thanks! Despite of my hard struggling ...it is a start and a new beginning for me...thank you, again.



joe or cristy did you get my 2nd order? i want to keep running my ad over and over. please don't let me lose my spot. i'm going out to dinner now with the money i made from you guys.


THANK YOU! so much!!!
Very NICE!


The Ads look awesome. I have a question to ask; How long do the Ads run and if I wanted to renew them, what's steps would I have to take? Take care.



Thanks Joseph!

I am pretty confident I chose the right party to promote my products and offers.

Many Thanks!

Darell Provost
Rocky Mountains

Thanks so much Joe.

You are definitely one of the GOOD guys out there.

Hope I did it correctly.

Thanks again,

Thanks you guys are awesome!

Dennis Rossignol


Great job I wasn't expecting something like this!

I don't know how to thank u for this Joe.
I'm studying, learning, reading, checking... this mail word by word.



Wow, that is awesome! I so appreciate
your understanding and this is over and
above. You ROCK!!!!

Thank you ever so much!

Passionate About Making A Difference...

Gail Foley


Good morning Joe,
Seeing your email this morning lifted my spirits !
I'm very grateful for everything you are doing to help me !
Hope you have a wonderful day !

Thanks so much,
Debbie Bowsky


Hi Joseph,

"I Love My Solo Ad.... I will be back for more!!!"
Thank you for the bonus!

Your Friend in Success,
Belinda Allen

Beautifully done!! I'm impressed! Thanks


Sent from my iPhone

Joe your amazing my friend. Too kind. Thank you so much.



Thank you guys so much. You guys have out done yourself. I am so impressed and so very excited of the potentia l money I can make. The ads are absolutely beautiful.

Hi Joe,

Thanks very much, I have seen the Ad Copy for my campaign
and am very pleased with the look of it.

Also especial thanks for the bonus affiliate CAC site, that was
a very pleasant surprise.

I look forward to receiving the full details for that site, as I am in
a couple of mlms where I could recommend the advertising for
my downline, or to use as Ad Co-ops.

I have had 3 leads come in so far so things are off to a good
start, with hopefully a lot more to come.

Best Wishes,

Richard Greene.





Thank you Joseph
Wow, you are replying back to your customers. I've never heard back from the solo people who I worked with before

By the way, the ads look AWESOME!

Great wording!


thank you. you guys have been awesome with the help thank you again
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: Robert Smith


Great job! I love it!
Thank you

On Friday, January 11, 2013, wrote:

Hi Greg Hartung


Thanks Joe

I really appreciate your support in business.

Dave Massingham


Really Thats Amazing Thankyou So Much. Have A Great Xmas.
Kind Regards
R Xavier


Hey Joseph...

The ads look awesome... ad copy compelling.... I just about signed up again...

Thanks to you and your staff for the great job on my behalf!

Earl Allbritton


On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 6:35 AM,

Hi Joseph,

The ad looks great.

Thank you for your attention to my campaign.

Bob Welcome


Thank you so much Sir Joseph and now we see why you're actually one of the best most professional & highly ethical guy with a serious case of possessing a
"Heart of Gold!!!"

Thanks again for your kindness and we'll try to do an overview of what you mentioned
This nice gift & sentiment that you've so kindly offered is absolutely much appreciated!

Khatthaliya Detudom


Joe just a heads up on my progress. Broke even after day 3, in profit today. keep teh sales comin.



Thanks a million Joseph for your incredible work. The leads are coming in.

Continued success to you.

Daphne Dobson

Thank you Joe from the bottom of my heart.
Nobody ever cared about my business like you. I'm stunned.

B. Chase


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